What is Myostatin | And Myostatin Inhibitor | Myostatin Deficiency

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What is Myostatin | And Myostatin Inhibitor | Myostatin Deficiency

What is Myostatin | And Myostatin Inhibitor | Myostatin Deficiency


There has a lot of fuss been going on lately about a substance called myostatin. Even though this substance is not new in any way, it somehow gained a lot of recognition lately. Already in 1997, two geneticists, named Alexandra McPherron and Se-Jin Lee, discovered the gene encoding myostatin. It was also they who produced the first ”lab-made” mutant mice, which had around twice the muscle mass as ordinary mice. These beefy mutant were named… MIGHTY MICE!

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However, there have also been found naturally occurring myostatin ”nulls”, which means that a laboratory or scientists have had nothing to do with it, just genetic mutations. These nulls have been found in cattle (I will come back to this), in Whippets (a sort of dog) and humans. The absence of myostatin is also known as myostatin deficiency, There has been a lot of work been put into finding a myostatin inhibitor. It has somehow worked, as mentioned with the mice, but also in cattle. A lot of you have probably seen pictures of overgrown cattle; these have been tampered with genetically, but require a lot of special treatment. But it is very likely, that if there comes a substance, which actively blocks myostatin, that it will not only be used for cattle, but also in bodybuilding and weight lifting.

But what is myostatin? Well, without going into too much biology, myostatin is a protein in the human body, which controls the growth of muscle tissue. It is also know as growth differentiation factor 8, also shortened GDF-8. There are many GDF’s, which regulate many things, such as nervous system, inflammatory, joints and skeleton etc.

As already mentioned, there have been findings of humans, which are so called myostatin ”nulls”. In Germany, there was a baby born, which had abnormally large muscles. Further investigation of this newborn, showed that he had a mutation in the gene called myostatin, the same mutation as was in the overgrown cattle’s. This showed that myostatin also played a big role in muscle regulating muscle growth for humans. Further investigation showed that the mother of the child, who was a sprinter, lacked one copy of the myostatin gene, but the newborn lacked both (we have two copies of every gene). This showed that if you lack one of the two myostatin genes, you have an increased amount of muscle, but if you lack both genes you have a lot more.

This leads to a problem in the world of sports. Genetic mutation might have given some athletes a huge advantage over others. Who knows if some athletes lack one or maybe both genes of myostatin? The question is if this would be fair to other athletes, but keep in mind that they did not choose this genetic mutation.


This knowledge behind myostatin, and its role in muscle regulation, has made a lot of pharmaceutical companies, very interested. As you read this, there is a lot of work being put into substances that might work as a myostatin inhibitor, also known as a Myostatin Blocker. However, as far as I know, there has not been one single myostatin inhibitor made, which is approved and on sale. And this means that probably every supplement that you see that claims to be a myostatin inhibitor is a lie. However I am not one hundred percent sure in this matter.

So to conclude. Myostatin is a gene in the human body, which regulates the muscle growth of humans. If you lack one copy of the two myostatin genes, you will have some advantage in muscle growth, and if you lack both, yore muscle growth should stagger way beyond anyone else. There are naturally occurring myostatin nulls, and there have even been humans, which are nulls. There are a lot of pharmaceutical companies working on an active myostatin blocker, and if they find one it might be one of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine. Not only will people be able to grow abnormally strong, but also it might save lives.

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